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The center

A knowledged by the Swiss Federation of dance schools

What is a dance school that is recognized by the Federation?

It’s a school visited by experts and held by a professional.

It’s a school that meets specific criteria: the facility’s sprung dance floor, designed precisely for this purpose, provides both comfort and support. Through a structured learning program, students are able to express their individuality whilst developing a solid foundation of the art.

We offer classes of limited numbers held in an encouraging yet disciplined environment, enabling those who choose to trust us to reach their full potential.

The studio is also recognized by the Municipality of Montreux, meaning that families with low or medium incomes can benefit from subsidies in order to partially cover their children’s tuition fees.

If they wish to, the students can also pass exams; Montreux’s dance center also offers a preparation for national and international competitions.

Exams and training

The exams will be held annually in front of experts exterior to the dance school and will be prepared in classes organized especially for this. All students interested should let their teacher know. Montreux’s dance center also offers preparation for national and international contests.

Preparation for vocational schools.

The Dance Center offers individual coaching of the student in order to return to the schools attached to a company.

Competition Preparation.

The Dance Center also offers preparation for national and international competitions.

Our teachers

Denis Mattenet
Founder and director of the Centre de Danse de Montreux

Professional dancer for fifteen years, he started by teaching ballet and realized how important the children’s first years of dancing are. He will then create the “Rhythm and Dance” classes to allow children to grow up and flourish through the techniques of Ballet and modern dance whilst developing their own creativity.

“Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.” Martha Graham

Courses : Ballet, Rythme & Danse and Stretching

Clarissa Crivelli
Jazz performance teacher

Clarissa, a local native, received her classical dance training in the region and quickly desired to explore new techniques such as jazz, tap dance, hip hop, Latin dances, and her latest passion: heels.

In 2016, she won the title at the Swiss Championships in the professional division. In 2019, she flew to the United States and earned her diploma from the prestigious “Millenium Dance Complex Los Angeles” school.

From a young age, she dedicated herself to choreography. In addition to participating in performances, she coaches artists and collaborates with them to prepare for competitions. She also creates various “tableaux” for different shows.

Clarissa is a passionate professional dancer who conveys her art with energy and determination!

Courses : Modern Dance

Cloé Burcier
Teacher of Modern Contemporary Jazz

Having begun dancing in her native Switzerland, and then at the Centre
Center de Danse de Montreux and its company, Cloé then decided to undertake to undertake professional training in France. She studied at
at the "Epsedanse" school in Montpellier to become a dancer and dance
dance teacher. There she obtained her Diplôme d'Etat de professeure de
which is compulsory to teach dance in countries such as France.

She then decided to fly to New York to perfect her technique at the
her technique at the Peridance Center, where she obtained her diploma from the Independent Study Program.
Cloé is now back in Switzerland, teaching her passion for dance and movement. Her aim is to pass on her knowledge, particularly of the
modern-jazz style, while bringing her own creativity to the table with a
contemporary approach.

“I’m not so much interested in how people move but in what really moves them.” Pina Bausch

Alix Janssens
Guest Teacher

From a young age, she had a childhood dream: to become a ballerina. She began her training in classical dance. Driven by a passion for movement, she later diversified into various styles. In her whimsical and imaginative world, she quickly found her comfort zone and her true self through contemporary dance.

After obtaining her diploma as a professional contemporary dancer and performer in Geneva, she ventured to Los Angeles to further her training and learn from the great names in dance whom she admires.

Presently, Alix has co-founded her professional company “JanssensMandorino”, based in Neuchâtel, and she continues to dance for other companies and projects.

Alix is always overflowing with a desire to learn and, above all, to share her passion.

Pascale Chinotto
Certified Pilates teacher Romana’s Pilates.

After a solid training in classical dance, Pascale discovers over the years the modern techniques which allowed her to dance professionally for 20 years (Ballet Royal de Wallonie, Capitole de Toulouse, Alcazar de Paris, Freelance in Mexico for 15 years)

Seduced by the Pilates method which allows her to keep in shape, she undertakes her training to become a teacher (Romana’s Pilates Certification, New-York 2015), in order to make her students discover pilates’ numerous benefits such as muscle strengthening, posture improvement, and stress evacuation.

Her teaching is based on her Pilates training that she did for 2 years in Paris but also on her dance practice which gives her body awareness and perseverance in the effort.
“Mens sana in corpore sano”

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