This physical activity allows you to maintain one’s articular flexibility through round and smooth movements; and also to work on the body’s posture thanks to muscular strengthening activities.
There are no cardio exercises in this class.
This discipline uses music.



Friday  09:00am to 10.00am   Denis Mattenet

Annual Prices


 Once a weekTwice a weekFlat fee (unlimited number of classes)
AdultsCHF. 756.- (21.- per class)  
  • If a registration is done throughout the year, the price is calculated prorata to the starting date
  • L’écolage peut être payé en 1 ou 3 acompte(s) par bulletin(s) de versement.
  • For all-in-one payments, a reduction of 5% will be provided if the amount is paid within 30 days
  • There is a family reduction of 10% for two people and 15% for three people or more
  • -These reductions do not apply to those who have registered after the beginning of the year

Practical Information

Opening Time

Monday to Friday : 2pm - 9pm
Saturday : 9am - 6pm
Sunday : closed


Grand' Rue 92
1820 Montreux

Phone Number

+41 21 963 02 39


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