Ballet is the backbone of all other dances, it teaches the fundamentals. This school is one that follows strict standards, enabling the student to learn how to adopt discipline and appropriate behavior during lessons.

A uniform is compulsory for students of level 1, 2, 3 and 4.

This discipline involves piano accompaniment only.


Modern Dance

This discipline offers a tremendous scope for creativity. Each professor will bring his own personal touch and transmit his style with involvement, basing himself on precise techniques.

The student will have more freedom concerning his interpretation.

This discipline uses modern and rhythmic music.

Rhythm and Dance

This awakening class, thanks to fun exercises, brings the children to take conscience of their bodies, the surrounding space as well as the link between one’s body and music. During the last year of rhythm and dance, the children will learn the preliminary basis of classical dance.

This discipline uses a large palette of music raging from classical music to modern and ethnic music.


Pilates is a discipline open to all. It stretches the body, strengthens the muscles, improves endurance and gives a sense of well-being by evacuating stress.



This physical activity allows you to maintain one’s articular flexibility through round and smooth movements; and also to work on the body’s posture thanks to muscular strengthening activities.

There are no cardio exercises in this class.

This discipline uses music.

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Sunday : closed


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